Document tracking with GetAccept gives you invaluable insights on your sales documents

Smart Document Tracking

GetAccept provide smart tracking to ensure that you get the best possible insights when following up a sent sales document to get it e-Signed.

The Smart Tracking Importance

GetAccept Smart Tracking is an advanced document tracking system

The most important thing when you send out your sales documents to your clients is whether they have already read it or not. In this case, you have to use a sophisticated tool to know it. GetAccept provides smart tracking technology that understands when users view a document and how long time they spend on each page. Thus, you do not need to worry if your sales documents are seen by your clients or not. Let us find out how GetAccept smart tracking works on your documents.

Document Uploading and Sharing

You can create a sales document through GetAccept simply by uploading a pdf file. In fact, you can also upload or record a video presentation along with your sales document if it is needed. After you prepare the document, you can get important insights through the GetAccept app. It is just as simple as sharing files with other people using example Dropbox, Box or OneDrive. Then, each recipient receive a unique link for a document and they can target other people by forwarding it. Now, you have to be ready to get some notifications when some visitor click the link and read the document. You will know how many times someone reads the document, how long she or he reads it, and you can know the number of pages that someone reads.

The Best Proposal Software

Smart tracking by GetAccept is not only for a single document but you can also upload many type of documents such as proposals, contracts, agreements and slideshows. GetAccept is the best proposal software that you must try and use. Smart document tracking function in GetAccept works effectively to help you understand whether your proposal has been read or visited by the clients or not. What if you make a mistake on the proposal? Do not worry about it, because you can revise it and create a new version with a single click. After you send your documents, you can understand for each single recipient the percentage of the document viewed, total time spent, total time per slide or page viewed, the visitors geographical location and what device they use to open the document.

In summary, GetAccept can be the best sales tool when you are dealing with sales proposal and the other important documents where you simply upload the documents and let your clients read them on any device. What makes GetAccept so special? The answer is because it provides smart tracking that allows the users to know any activities which happen to their sales documents or proposals. In this case, the users could understand the percentage of the page views, how many times someone reads it, the total spend time when someone reads it and you will also be able to know the location of the visitors.

Document tracking is very important especially if you are sending company presentations or powerpoint documents after a meeting. Tracking document will help you understand who is looking at what in the presentation and can take the best action based on this valuable knowledge.

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