We prioritize safety and performance

Our focus is to always ensure our customers privacy and we take significant efforts to protect all customer data.


GetAccept supports the processes and routines which are requried in order to comply with the new EU-regulation.

  • Secure Hosting All data and documents are encrypted by default with AES 256-bit EV SSL encryption.
  • Encrypted communication GetAccept has strict internal policys for accessing data. Only authorized have access to encrypted customer data.
  • Automatic data erasing Automatic processes ensures that data is not stored for a longer period of time then what is lawful.
  • Tracking and export GetAccept has advance search methods making it possible to export data to a readable format.
  • Routines for breaches GetAccept has developed processes and routines that protects your data and will inform concerned parties in the non-likely event of a data breach.
  • Click here to read more about GDPR @ GetAccept

More details about how we comply with GDPR?
Download the Q&A below.


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