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Free e-Signing Tool for Salespeople

GetAccept is a web-based application that help you deal with smart and automated e-signing of important sales quotes, proposals, agreements and other important documents using electronic signatures.

What is e-signing?

GetAccept Smart Tracking to know when a reader look at your document

It is just similar to a common signature but it is done digitally. There are some others electronic signature companies that you can use. However, GetAccept can be the best eSignature tool for sales people for now. Using GetAccept, our customers increase their close rate on sent deal with over 83%. How does e-signing looks like and how does it work? Read more about esigning and electronic signatures here

Legal Document Signing

Is an e-singing by GetAccept legal? Of course it is legal. You can read more about the legal behind GetAccept here. Using the free eSignature tool by GetAccept you can create many various documents such as proposals, sales document, letters, and much more. Those documents are usually in the format of PDF where you can upload them through the GetAccept web app. Besides, you can control your uploaded documents easily by using the analytics insights which is included in the app. In this case, you can also monitor whether your document has been read or not. You will know how many times your document is opened and how long time is spent on the different pages. This awesome tool is included in one app called GetAccept available on your desktop computer or mobile.

Doing the e-Signing Online

It is actually really simple and easy to do the e-signing. In this case, you have to sign up with GetAccept firstly. After signing up, you can start to create, send or upload the documents that are going to be e-signed. You can sign your documents as many as you want only using GetAccept app. E-signature is really easier and simpler rather than the hard signature. You can sign the document just like you sign the hardcopy of your document. This is a kind of real signature which is done online. Besides, you can directly share your documents with other people whom you target. So, you are no need to use the hardcopy to be sent to your clients, just make some links for the documents and let them read your document online. As we mentioned before, you will understand any activities that happen to your documents so that you will get the notifications on your smartphone or you can also check it on the web app using your browser.

In conclusion, e-signing or e-signature is kind of great idea that can be more effective when you are dealing with paper works or documents for your business concern. In this case, you will save more time and money because you are no need to send the hard copy one by one to your clients. Furthermore, using the e-signature by GetAccept, you will also increase your sent deals rate so it will allow your business to grow faster. Thereby, you must try to use our e-signing service, upload your important document and then let the deal come to you.

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