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Build Rapport. Negotiate Terms.
Close Deals Faster than Ever Before

Personalize Collateral

Transform standard assets into highly customized materials for each prospect using variables from the CRM and learnings gained from the discovery process

Add Your Videos

Send a personal video presentation with your document to build personal rapport with your prospects.

Manage Your Pipeline from the Field

Use our mobile app to manage all of your deals, wherever you are.

Live Chat & Receive Calls

Engage with customers in real time via live chat on your mobile phone when they are active on sales materials. Receive calls immediately routed to your device when they request more information.

Manage Follow Ups & Reminders

Schedule automated follow up messages when deals go cold. Record video reminders to re-engage your prospects

Find their Cell Number

Take advantage of our access requirements to generate mobile numbers from prospects. Speak to our team for more details.

Resurrect Lost Deals

Receive signals when old prospects return to examine old materials and engage them in real time

Always keep you up-to-date with push notifications on your iPhone


Timing is everything in sales. GetAccept keeps you up-to-date via important push notifications to your smart phone, tablet or smart watch - wherever you are.

Interact with prospects immediately from your mobile device. Connect a call, send a text with a reminder if they are not engaged or answer questions using Live Chat.

Manage your entire pipeline and follow up process remotely, allowing you to sell on the move.


Account Executive
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Per month
(Billed annually)